Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Small Notes on Clusterware resource ora.cvu

ora.cvu is a new resource introduced with Grid Infrastructure The purpose of this resource is to invoke clusterware health checks at regular intervals. It is a singleton resource with cardinality of 1 and invokes the cluster verification utility. It executes the following command in the background.
cluvfy comp health -_format
Attribute '_format' sets the format which is redirected to the log file of the ora.cvu
The logs related to ora.cvu are located under /log/cvu/.
There are two directories underneath: one for log file s(cvulog) and one for trace files (cvutrc).

Monitoring/Managing cvu:
-- status of the resource ora.cvu
crsctl stat res ora.cvu -t

-- Stopping cvu
srvctl stop cvu
srvctl status cvu

--Starting cvu
srvctl start cvu
srvctl status cvu

-- enable/disable ora.cvu
srvctl enable cvu

-- check the status
crsctl stat res ora.cvu -p | grep ENABLED

-- disable ora.cvu
srvctl disable cvu

-- change execution frequency of ora.cvu
The frequency of ora.cvu execution can be changed by changing the value of the attribute "CHECK_INTERVAL"

crsctl modify resource ora.cvu -attr CHECK_INTERVAL=21600
crsctl stat res ora.cvu -p

cvu res dir will have .xml and .txt files (it will create up to 5 .txt and/or .xml files in that directory), generated at every 6hrs normally by ora.CVU resource. Due to code bug, these files are not getting purged; you might be hitting the bug 19703199  with a workaround to delete the files (or apply the patch)

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